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UAE to woo Cruise Tourists


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Cruise to Dubai

Cruise Tourism is one sector which has been witnessed worldwide. Cruises which were once taken as the only option for the aged, a necessity for the rich and a perfect choice for the honeymooners are rapidly reaching the market level. Ministry of Tourism has instigated a complete study of the market and its capabilities for Cruise tourism with a firm attainment of evolving strategies towards effective unfair treatment of all the possibilities. Cruise Tourism now surrounds a wide range of activities for the tourists and even providing them with the basic requirement of conveyance and accommodation. Intercontinental and long distance cruises are now imported with a huge amount of facilities as well as amenities that are available at the resorts, thereby making the whole sea journey quite comfortable and enjoyable. The huge scale of today’s cruise ships, even considering some of the inboard activities enlarges the boundary in order to gain a proper experience out of this.





Current scenario of cruise tourism


Get to know about the current scenario of the cruise tourism industry in UAE. Cruise Tourism in UAE along with Dubai is increasing at a steady rate along with the number of cruise tourists that are increasing along with it. More tourists are expected to sail in the UAE waters with more vessels in this year. The main motive is to attract the tourists by rendering unique services to them and also with the help of marketing and a proper cooperation with higher level authorities such as the Dubai Department of Tourism and Cooperate Marketing to stimulate the Tourism industry in UAE. The new UAE rule provides multiple entry visas to the tourists travelling on a cruise. This has actually encouraged the respective sector to a great extent.  The cruise travelers have these entry visas for all the UAE ports in their route. Tourists can easily enter the UAE through airports and further continue to be on a cruise out of its ports, and return to the UAE with the help of the same visa. The number of the passengers will automatically increase because of the reduced amount of problems and low price.





The promotion of cruise tourism


To promote the Cruise Tourism Industry, the United Arab Emirate has recently introduced the “Cruise Tourism Road show 2015” in India, which was governed by the UAE Prime Minister and Dubai Cruise Tourism Director. This is apparently the second tourism that has started to progress, the first one had taken place in 2012. The CTRI 2015 has given the countries complete opportunities to meet the requirements of the market. The tourists were satisfied with the facilities that included low cruise liners and low cost habitation. 


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