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Campaign of Malaysia aim to attract Tourists



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The tourism industry is tremendously growing and is steadily, reaching great heights. This industry undoubtedly conforms to new demands and situations. You must have been alarmed by the invariably famous news i.e. the advertisement campaign for Malaysia, which has gathered 35 international awards. It is quite a matter to wonder about as to how many tourists have visited the country. Malaysia believes in making the tourists explore and make their journey filled with excitement leaving behind their fleeting footprints and creating a whole lot of memories. Malaysia conveys to the tourists that it’s the time to see, learn and enjoy as well as experience the outstanding phase of their life.




Tourism campaign strategies


Malaysia Tourist Campaign in 2015 that is well known as ‘MyFest 2015’campaign, plans to advertise and commemorate Malaysia’s plentiful and various cultures and festivals in order to attract the tourists. This expedition continues to encourage the tourist district and at the same time assures that the tourism industry in Malaysia becomes more powerful and prosperous after the Visit Year Malaysia 2014 Campaign.



The logo of MyFest portrays a traditional musical device termed as the Rebana Ubi. On the other hand drums are one instrument which has been amazingly used by other races in Malaysia. Drums denote a Malaysia’s multicultural community. Therefore, this famous emblem of MyFest 2015 emulates a major part of the country’s customs, rich culture and traditions.


Know a bit of Malaysia


Malaysia consists of a population of 29.7 million people inhabiting, starting from Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia of Sabah and Sarawak Borneo. In total there are 13 states and 3 federal territories where each and every state enriches the culture of the various festivals that are being celebrated. Malaysia is the only place that provides public holidays to each race, making it a fascinating tour for the visitors. Not only general, but anything that is celebrated in the form of a festival will truly be a part of this campaign.  A roadshow is being arranged for local awareness, where MyFest 2015 boosts the tourists to increase their stay in Malaysia. It is a national duty; hence MyFest has created a theme named ‘Endless Celebrations’. This roadshow will cover from one state to another around Malaysia for achieving a complete experience. Few famous carnivals arranged for the tourists are New Years Day, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Malaysia, Deepawali, Christmas, Wesak Day etc.




The MyFest campaign considers Malaysia as one of the top tourist destinations with 29.4 million tourist arrivals RM89 billion tourist receipts. People planning to have a tour in Malaysia should have an account of when and where the auspicious festivals are going to take place and each festival has been established on a national level to achieve the tourist attractions. All in all, to know Malaysia, people need to love Malaysia and get inspired from it. It is an effervescent place of multiple races and religion. It is the place where socialization and celebration of festivals have been given huge importance. Multiculturalism and its high standard of promoting hospitality ha truly helped the tourists to a great extent. 


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