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International tourists are expected to participate in Ujjain Simhastha 2016


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The Simhastha is a unique and unrivaled celebration in India, which is an auspicious bathing pageant of Ujjain

Simhastha will be celebrated between the periods of 22nd  of April to 21st  of May 2016 in Ujjain. It was commemorated in a cycle of twelve years at the time when Jupiter plunges into the Leo sign of the zodiac,called as Simha Rashi. Ritual bathing within the holy waters of kshipra starts with the total moon day of Chaitra. It progresses in intervals throughout the consecutive month of Vaishakha. Universally 10 distinct factors are to be situated for the grand commemoration in Ujjain. 



The story behind  Mythological facts

As stated by the Puranas, the fabulous churning of the ocean by the gods (Devas) and demons (Danavas) yielded. Amongst varied objects, a jar (Kumbha) jam-packed with nectar (Amrita). The gods were not inclinedto share it with demons. At the occasion of Indra, the master of gods, his son Jayanta tried to elope with the jar and was simply pursued by a number of the demons.

At the time of combat for its possession that lasts for twelve days, a couple of drops of the nectar born at the four places, along with Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nasik on the planet. The Drops of nectar were accepted by the holy rivers at these places.

In this rare celestial celebration of the Simhastha, more than millions of pilgrims gathered at the banks of river Kshipra to take part in the holy dip, giving alms as well as the libations. The many ghats of Kshipra attract pilgrims, photographers, poets and locals. During Simhastha, these people become witness to one of the biggest festival of faith, when millions of people converge to take the dip in the holy waters of Kshipra.



Government Policy and Support

Both the central and government authorities would be promoting Simhastha-2016 with international stigmatization on the lines of Mahakumbh, where people come to visit the holy event. The government would be welcoming foreign nationals through their ambassadors for the event. The informational events would even be formulated in various countries. The event would be promoted as the spiritual business across the globe. The state would arrange everything during Simhastha-2016 in Ujjain in order to attract the foreign nationals. The culture, business and alternative departments are collectively busy in chalking out a strategy for promoting this holy event at the international level. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cordially accepted the invitation from Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister to visit Ujjain and release Ujjain Declaration at the time of Simhastha 2016.




Attraction with respect to Tourism

Ujjain is a city that envy’s rituals and cultural traditions. Ujjain is counted among the seven sacred merit cities India. Mahakaleshwar temple captivated enormous individuals to visit Ujjain throughout the ages. Pilgrims and martyrs of diversified sects encountering the Simhastha present an image of the cultural heritage of India at Ujjain. One can very well anticipate on what basis the imperceptible forces connect this Nation.

This would be a rare occasion when sadhus of different sects from different parts of the country assemble and mingle with the common people. For the ordinary people, it is a great opportunity to learn about the culture of these holy sadhus. 


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