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Greece’s Tourism Industry Benefits from Deal with International Creditors


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Even though Greek went through a huge financial crisis and is yet to recover from its impact, something good has come out of it. The leaders of the Greek Tourism Industries are quite optimistic about the growth of tourism in the country because of the deal with International creditors. According to the tourism professionals of the country, Greece will benefit hugely because of the deal with international creditors.


The savoir deal and expected outcomes

After the deal with international creditors was signed, the tourism industry professionals stated to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that this deal provides a positive outlook on the performance of the tourism sector for this year.


The president of the Hellenic Hotel Owners Federation, Mr. Giannis Retsos has stated that since the weekend after the deal was signed, the negative trend of the tourism sector, which happened due to the lack of fresh reservations at hotels have been reversed and is on the rise. 

Additionally, he has stated that the banks need to reopen because it is quite crucial to international tourism. He added that the general rate of reservation isn’t what it would generally have been during the period, however a positive trend has been noticed. It is believed that the situation will normalize in the next couple of months.


He has stated that the developments of the past few weeks have shown the resilience of the tourism industry and has put forth his opinion that if the tourism sector reached the previous year’s result of 24 million tourists, it will be quite an achievement for both the country tourism sector and the country itself.

Hope for the boost in Tourism Industry

The Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras has been warned that the tourism industry would have been severely damaged if the deal with international creditors was not signed and the country’s liquidity was not restored. International tourism is to be lured by the government through suitable policy to enhance the share of foreign exchange through the tourism industries.


The President of Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies, Mr. Lisandros Tsilidis has stated that as a result of the present on-goings in the country, people who wanted to visit Greece were afraid to do so. However, with the latest developments, things are starting to look optimistic. Rate of reservations is expected to recover as there were no cancellations or new reservations. Although, it is still unclear as to how long this situation will last but international tourism sector of Greece is set to be unshaken for sure. 


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