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Taliban, Afghan negotiations ended with agreeing on road map for peace


The Taliban and Afghan delegates including some government officials have agreed to talk on a road map for the country's political future. This is seen as a good sign for the end of 18 years long war and propelling peace in the country.


In a joint declaration of both Afghan and Taliban delegates both parties have agreed on the need to work on reducing the civil casualties to zero and assuring female their women rights in accordance to Islam. Afghan delegates have agreed to assure fundamental rights “political, social, economic, educational and cultural affairs” for women.

The declaration is not binding can serve as the step to bring peace in the country.

Even if the declaration does not help to de-escalate violence in Afghanistan, it will help push forward a peace progress between US Diplomats and the Taliban that has been making progress in negotiations, but which has been struggling to overcome the Taliban’s refusal to meet with Afghan government officials.


The Taliban and Intra-Afghan delegates said that they agree to reduce “civil casualties to zero” with pledges not to attack schools or hospitals or critical infrastructure such as hydroelectric dams.

They also said they agree to the unconditional release of old, disabled and sick prisoners and to be more diplomatic in their public statements to each other.

The document is nonbinding and is seen as a basic framework for future talks on a final peace agreement between the Taliban and Afghan government representatives.


The road map comes as the United States and the Taliban continue negotiations on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in return for a commitment from the militants Afghan territory will never again be used to launch terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies.

The Taliban have said the direct negotiations with the Afghans would start only after the US announced a timeline for the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.




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