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Extradition bill scraped by Hong Kong


Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam has said that the extradition bill which brought the biggest political crisis in decades is ‘dead’, but refuses to withdraw it. She said it was the most controversial bill in the country.



The bill would have allowed the people in Hong Kong to be sent to mainland China to face trial. It raised dissatisfaction in the citizen, and surged huge protests and violence in the country. It resulted in turmoil of the country.

In mid-June , Lam suspended the bill in response to the protest. The critics were not satisfied by the suspension and continued to demonstrate against the bill and Lam’s resignation.

Carrie Lam said it was a ‘total failure’ of the legislature. Responding to critic’s doubt she reiterated that there are no plans of restarting the process, the bill is dead.

Lam’s speech comes after weeks of protests by residents against the proposed law, in the city’s sharpest challenge to Beijing’s rule in decades.




Many see this as an encroachment on the territory’s autonomy, promised under ‘one country, two systems’ principle established when British handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997.It was returned with promised high degree of autonomy, but in recent years there have been erosion of freedom by Beijing.

Lawyers and right groups say China’s justice system is marked by torture, forced confessions and arbitrary detentions, claims that Beijing denies.



The critics still believe that she is deceiving people with words and are demanding her resignation. Carrie Lam said it's not easy for Chief Executive to step down. I myself still have passion and undertaking to service Hong Kong people. I hope that Hong Kong society can give me and my team an opportunity to use our new governance style to respond to people's demand in economy and livelihood.





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