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G20 Summit brings change in Trade war with Donald Trump’s announcement




The annual G20 Summit of world’s leaders who are members of G20 started in Osaka on 28th June. In the G20 Summit world’s top leaders will discuss about the economies of the world as well as their countries. The main themes of all topics going to be discussed in G20 2019 Summit are Global Economy, Trade and Investment, Innovation. Trade war, Employment, Women Empowerment and health


 The participants are leaders of 19 countries and European Union. Leaders of invited guest countries and representatives of invited International Organisations also take part in the Summit.G20 has always tried to frame policies in such a way that the economies develop globally. Recent G20 summits have not only focused on trade but also on the continuously increasing global problems like climate, health, etc.



Narendra Modi held a trilateral meeting before summit with Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe.He has bilateral meetings with other leaders also.

Shinzo Abe started the summit with warning speech on global trade tensions. In his welcoming speech he asked the leaders “be one where differences are not highlighted but common grounds are found.”

In G20 Summit 2019 leaders are likely to discuss on the rising conflict in Washington and Tehran.US-China trade war which is indirectly affecting many countries.

When reporters asked Trump if he would raise the issue of interference of Russia in US elections .He jokingly said “Don’t meddle in 2020 elections” while pointing towards Putin.

The host country of G20 Summit leads the course over the group from December to the following November. During this duration it organizes a yearly meeting of all members and several ministerial and working group meetings.

Speaking at an informal BRICKS meeting Narendra Modi said that terrorism is biggest threat to human. It is required to cut the sources of their supplies to reduce terrorism in the world.


American President Donald Trump agreed for not increasing additional tariffs on Chinese products. He also said that American companies would continue to sell to the Chinese technology firm Huawei , on which he had introduced a ban over security issue.

While speaking at Quality Infrastructure Investment and Development Cooperation session of G20 Summit on 29 June Indian President Narendra Modi invited G20 leaders to join a disaster coalition. He said disaster resilient infrastructure is not only for development but required as a preventive measure for disaster management also.




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