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Bingo chance for Congress, BJP facing question mark


MP elections are now overhead, few are saying BJP will come again but few are saying Congress will change the game and come into the power. It would be really interesting to see what will happen.
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Undoubtedly till date, BJP govt has done a lot of good works for people's welfare but the few mistakes done by them can be seen as a game changer. 
Things like unemployment, Demonetization, GST, increasing crime rate, Farmer's issues are the most burning issue which carries the capability of removing the existing govt. Although Shivraj Singh Ji has done so many different and good things the youth, farmers and the women are not satisfied with his works, Because it seems to me they are doing nothing for them.
As per one of the young man who belongs from MP only said that "we agree BJP govt is trying to initiate and enhance self-employment but what about them who are not capable of doing business or who want a proper govt. job as per the demand of their qualification, skills, and education. He said we want food to satisfy our hunger I want to see my self as an engineer it's my dream but the govt. Is unable to release a sufficient amount of vacancies, so what I can do..??"
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So, it's not just the statement of one individual but there are many more who agrees on this point. 
Now, farmers... They are not happy because of their loan issues, they are not getting enough amount for their fruits, vegetables, grains etc. So the only option they are left behind whether to go for a suicide or to face and suffer from these problems.
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Women and girls of not just MP but those girls who have come from other states are not feeling safe, they said earlier we all heard that its very safe place for women but now they don't feel safe.
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Few of the common people have the same perception, they are saying GST and demonstration are may be good for us but at that point of time we were not prepared for it and so it affected us.
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So this is how people are showing their dissatisfaction with the existing government and this could be a challenge for BJP and may be a game turner for Congress.


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