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Despite Naxalites, Jogi would be the challenge for other two@ Chhattisgarh elections


Four states of India are facing the heat in winter, the year 2018 is almost at its end, and so that the elections of four main states including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, and Rajasthan.

Here we are going to talk about the state that have just been through the First phase of their Assembly elections with 18 constituencies wherein the last Elections of 2013 BJP had lost 13 seats, it would be a great interest to see which turn this Assembly election will take.

Old, New or First… the upcoming CM???

Elections in Chhattisgarh is being held with 90 seats and to show the majority party has to win with 46 seats at least. Like always BJP and Congress are fighting face to face. BJP's face is their 3 times winner of elections Raman Singh, whereas Congress's face is Bhupesh Baghel.

Well, this time not only these 2 are in the battlefield but the most interesting thing would be to see Ajit Jogi as a head turner and may prove as a real kingmaker this time, he is the former and first Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh and also was the member of Indian National Congress but in the year 2016 he left Congress reason being was not satisfied with Congress performance as opposition and then he formed his own party named "Janta Congress Chhattisgarh" with the alliance of Bahujan Samajwadi Party.

The first phase of election was already conducted on 12th November 2018 in south Chhattisgarh in which 70% of the voters turnover lesser than 2013 election. 


Not so peacefully held first phase elections

Since the area comes under the first phase are Naxalism affected areas, so the Maoists has threatened and also asked to boycott the election. Bastar, Kanker, Sukma, Bijapur, Dantewada, Narayanpur, Kondagaon and Rajnandgaon are the main part of this area. Since the Naxalites asked to Boycott the elections they also tried to do some unwanted things like explosions, firing etc to just stop elections.

Some disruptions they have made on polling day was firstly the improvised explosive device went off in Katekalyan, Dantewada. Secondly, in Bijapur, the encounter took place between the Naxalites and CRPF 204th Battalion. In which 10 of the Naxalites died and 5 CRPF people injured. It's not the easy task to get over with Chhattisgarh election without these disruptions. 

Who will win is tough to say because in the opinion polls too, both BJP and Congress stood with an almost the same number of seats.

BJP has also done some good and encouraging works like 

  • Mukhyamantri Khadyann sahayata Yojana as per which 58 lakh families are being provided Rice, salt and grams at the cheapest rate.
  • To promote cashless and digitalization too the party is doing a lot and fixed a timeline that by the end of this year 10 lakh people will be digitally literate about cashless transactions
  • Free loan to farmers, and
  • Attracting maximum industrial investment across the country


Flaws of the ruling government that could turn into a problem for BJP these elections are

  • Most of the people were disappointed with the demonstration.
  • Employment is also one of the major points where BJP government Lagged behind.
  • Youth are not happy that they are not getting employed.
  • Crime against women and tribals are also on a hike. 
  • Naxalism is another area where the government needs to do something to end this.


Other side Congress is also doing a lot more things to win the heart of the people and it's really very tough to say that who will win Chhattisgarh.

Next phase voting will be held on 20th November 2018 with rest of 72 seats and 11th December would be the day when the state will get their CM. An interesting point would be to see whether the legacy of BJP will continue or Congress would be able to defeat them or the new alliance of JCC-BSP will do some miracle. 



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