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Top most visited tourist attractions in Valcea County


Valcea, being a Romanian county, has an impeccable natural beauty, blended with its unique craftwork and architecture.



History has been entangled with every stone of this county located at the Oltenia and Muntenia region. The incoming of tourists in Valcea County is high in recent times, thanks to few picturesque tourist destinations.



The charming beauty of Hurezo Monastery

Out of 798 monasteries and architectures, the largest monastic ensemble in Romania, this orthodox monastery was built in 1690 and 1693 by ruler Constantin Brancoveanu. This monastery is included within the UNESCO world heritage list. This place is famous for brilliant Brancovean art, distinctively separated from other arts in originality, mastery of colours and lines.



Awesome Cozia Monastery

This monastery carries history, curved in its every stone. This orthodox monastery was built in 1388, but has gone through many renovations in between, even once it was transformed into a prison by authorities and into a stable in World War I.



Mircia Cel Batran and Teophana, two historical figures are buried in this monastery. There is a fountain in name of Constantin Brancoveanu. Among the 280 monasteries in Romania, 88 are exclusively ade of wood, yet are as beautiful as that of Stone made monasteries and churches.



The King of road – Transalpina

Locally known as ‘The King’s Road’, this area, located at the Parang mountain group, is the highest point at the Urdele Pass, with a declination of 2145 metre to the sea level. DN67C is the highest road of Romania, running through four districts of Gorj, Valcea, Sibiu and Alba. There is a Transalpina Ski resort that is monumental for state-of-the-art facilities.



Salt Mine of Ocnele Mari

In ancient time, it was a salt exploitation place, it belongs to the mining from Neolithic Culture, Bronze and Iron Age. Now here are many facilities available- Sanitary Point, Food Store, Souvenir shop, Restaurant, Football field, Ping Pong, Church, Tennis Field, Billiard Tables etc.



Spa Resort: Baile Olanesti

Situated at the Capatanii Mountains, this spa resort is at 600 metre altitude on Olanesti River Vally. Due to its iodinated, Brominated, Sodium, Calcium, Sulfur, Chlorine mineralized water, it is also called the “Golden Springs”.



Those diseases that are successfully treated here are- Chronic Liver and Biliary, Urinary and Renal, Digestive, Allergic, Dermatological, Endocrine, Cardio-vascular, Respiratory etc. The water of 15 springs is collected for internal cure while another 2 springs and 4 mineral wells water is used for external cures.




Traditionally awful: Olari Village

 Here, preservation of the tradition of moulding clay into beautiful artefacts is the bread-butter of the local craftsmen. Tourists can learn as well as buy these artefacts for them, as the experimental tourism reports. In Vaideeni, the attractive milk processing is also an ancient tradition.



Exotic Resort Voineasa

This mountain resort, situated at an 800 m altitude in Lotrului Mountains is famous for its natural respiratory curation with embracing climate, low pollution and less ionization of the atmosphere. The treatment offers paraffin packing, aerosol, herbal baths, electro-therapy, inhalations, recovery exercises etc.Besides, there are lakes of Bradisor, Bistrita, Petrimanu, Galbenuetc at Lotru Valley, who all create their own deltas.



So, one who is in search of a climactic curative vacation engulfing nocturnal beauty all long, must visit Valcea County



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