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“Promotion of Tourism and Hospitality” top agenda of Modi Government


The advent of the Modi Government brought about various new changes for India, which were a blessing in disguise.



Narendra Modi, the present PM of India, has brought about numerous new schemes and ideas that have revolutionized the way the Indian government works. These new ideas have brought about an influx of foreign nationals as a tourist. The number of foreign tourists visiting India has grown significantly, thanks to the steps taken in the right direction.    



Creation of World Class  Infrastructures

Creation of modern infrastructure related to Tourism and Hospitality sector by Introduction of Swadesh Darshan scheme through which development of tourists, based on tourist circuits were introduced.



Statistics show improvement of international as well as domestic tourist was increased. Another scheme Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augumentation drive were also introduced to tap the International and domestic tourists. This scheme also increased the awareness of pilgrims/tourists of their religious sentiment.   



Attracting Foreign tourists

Statistics show that compared to incoming of foreign tourist for the last two years is better in this year. This shows that economic growth of our country through this sector is obviously is in good condition. Places like Goa, Gujarat,West Bengal,where the number of foreign tourists is much more than the previous years.It has also been noticed that in few cities which are attached to tourist places a super-speciality Hospitals are being built to cater the good services to the people of that region as well as international tourists.



Relaxation in Norms

Complexity of the procedures has been relaxed for the tourists through web based public delivery systems have been introduced. To ease the payment  procedure online process has been introduced. Another scheme called Swachh Paryatan which is for the trustee of tourism and which  took up the issue like Hygiene at different tourist destination. Recently,Ministry of Tourism introduced a special help line link 1800-11-1363 with a specific code,which can be used in case of emergency



Identification of potential tourist sites

Preferences for North Eastern region, where a tourism fair has been started  every year and it has been spread internationally.Last year it was held inGangtok,Sikim.



The decision has been taken to build up 100 nos. of model monuments where numbers of facilities will be given like wi-fi,top security zone, encroachment free area, etc.even short films are shown to establish the importance of the monument.This scheme comes underSwachch  BharatAbhiyan.Under the scheme Adarsh Smarak,Taj Mahal,Elephanta Caves like several establishments have been included.



Other programs

Other skill development while creating attractiveness of tourism spots many new jobs like Direct, indirect is being created in different areas. Statistics reveal that the jobs created by these two sectors are more than the job creating by Banking Sector,Financial Sector and even manufacturing sector.The Indian Government is also planning to create a global hub or world’s greatest health insurance scheme.In that case the foreign tourist can easily insure anything, it their life, their \belongings etc.



The Modi Government is working tirelessly to make India a safe country with huge diversities for the foreign tourists who want to visit here. 



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