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Renowned French Tourism varsity opens in Rwanda to boost tourism


Tourism is taking a boom in Rwanda, an international Tourism  institute establishes campus in the country. The renowned institute for hotel management and  tourism plans to establish its sub  Saharan Africa campus in Kigali.



Reynaud Azema, the director of Vatel is the one who is responsible for the group’s expansion in Africa. Campus in kaliga was established after a research and consultation. Thus, was then the decision was taken to establish a center in the country.  This expansion was possible with the approval of the Higher Education council, the Rwanda Development board (RDB) and local hotel operators.



The initial decision and Approval conference:

To plan and conclude the decision of the mass expansion for the development of tourism sector was proceeded with a meeting that was held by the Rwanda Development board. This meeting was held with hotelier in the month of April. This was geared up with the world economic forum of Africa. This was a simple pep talk to release this new campus by Rwanda. A strong planning was needed so that the proper execution was made.


Reason to held the meeting

RDB Chief executive Francis Gatare chaired the meeting. It was called to remind that quality should not hold back the service delivery. So that In return, they would be assured of business as well. It was revealed in the meeting by hoteliers a challenge said to continue to dog the sector. This is in a way of quality service. A promise was made to deliver quality service for the betterment of the sector and fulfill all the purposes.



Loop Holes in the tourism Sector

The demand for skilled workforce is more whereas the availability of skilled workforce is not more. There are very limited sources that so the loophole lies in the staff. Also, it was revealed in the meeting that due to new entrants in the market, the old workforce is getting shifted there which is a loss to the current hoteliers. This chain process of losing skilled workforce is damaging the quality of business.



It was observed that new player needed a large number of employees to function. This ended up hiring employees from smaller enterprises. This lead to facilitate the re incurring of costs in hiring and training the new staff.


On the other hand private sector is stepping into a security where they make sure they hire workforce with large skills.Recently, the ministry of education accredited vatel international Business hotel and tourism management that offers international hotel management undergraduate degree.



Having over 30 years of experience in the field of training hospitality and tourism, the French training institutes has more that 28 campuses across the world which include cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Switzerland, Moscow, Montreal and Mauritius. It is the first ever campus in Sub Saharan African expanded by this organization. While the institution Rwanda is busy in transforming the hospitality sector and positioning itself as a meeting, conferences, incentives and Exhibition hub, they come to Kigali at a time.



Rwanda is growing its tourism sector with global hotel chain by entering the market. This was said by Paul kayoboke the in charge of Academics at vatel. This is due to the growing demand of qualified staff.



Lastly, it was noted that there is a need to have a critical mass of skilled people to provide value for money including clients and stakeholders and to make rwanada a beautiful tourist spot.



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