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Explore Sabah and S’wak in Malaysia


Malaysia is a country of exciting tourist destinations situated in Southeast Asia. It has been equally divided into portions, namely, East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia.


Being located in the tropical region, Malaysia is deemed to be one of the most mega diverse countries in the world, which has many endemic species living in its territories. The rich culture and abundance of nature is what attracts billions of people to visit Malaysia every year, without fail.


East Malaysia

East Malaysia is also popularly known as Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. It is even called Malaysian Borneo. Since this portion the country is separated by the South China Sea from the Peninsular Malaysia, the tourism department of this portion suffers a major setback. Neither it is densely populated nor is it that many advanced, yet the natural sights and scenes are marvelously beautiful. The land area covered by this part of Malaysia is greater than that of West Malaysia. It is said to be rich in natural resources like gas and oil.


Both Sabah as well as Sarawak is of iconic importance to the tourism department of the country. These places not only attract the adventurous kind of travellers, but also the ones who want to soak in the scenic beauty that nature has to offer out there. One will also be lucky enough to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region as well.


The jungles of Sabah are the homes to millions of diverse animal as well as plant species. Most of these forests are reserved and it only takes one visit to these forests to fall in love with them and their surroundings. A visit to Sabah will make sure that the traveller has the opportunity to experience many landscapes of the region, like the Padas river valley, Lahad Datu sea etc. One can even interact with the indigenous groups of Sabah, the Bajau, Murut and the Kadazan-Dusun.


Large portions of the Sarawak are covered with tropical rainforests. They provide nests to many animal and plant species. Tourism plays an imperative role in the economy of this region. Though there has been a steady rise in the number of tourists visiting the place, steps are being taken to increase the number to more than 4.8 million (2014 estimate visitors). Equipped with vast landscapes and prosperous culture, this would not be a difficult goal to achieve.


Various Steps Taken

The Tourism and Culture Ministry has taken upon themselves the responsibility of promoting Sabah and Sarawak as tourist destinations. To promote the two picturesque states the ministry has taken its first steps and has made a strategic cooperation with the Singapore Airlines (SIA). This has been done with a view to attract more tourists and travelers from the European countries.


Launched in March, this cooperation has already started to show positive results. With the aid of this tie-up, now the travelers will be able to directly book their flights to Sabah and Sarawak. The passengers will not be required to make an unnecessary stop over at Peninsular Malaysia. Ties have also been made with AirAsia. This airline with its numerous flights between China and Malaysia is sure to bring in more visitors from this country.


Target has been set on the countries whose population has more spending capacity. The more they spend, the more they will be willing to go that extra mile for an adventurous and satisfying trip to the East Malaysian regions.


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