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Thai Cuisine’s recipe of attracting tourism


The Kingdom of Thailand is situated in the Indochinese peninsula of the Mainland Southeast Asia. For any country, tourism forms a major part of the economy. It holds true for Thailand as well.



About 6% of Thailand’s economy is made up of tourism. According to World Tourism Organization, in the year 2013, Thailand was voted as the most visited country in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s cuisine is one of the main reasons for the boost in their tourism. It is very important to understand the cuisine of the Kingdom so that its effect on Thailand’s tourism sector can be comprehended.



Charisma of Thai cuisine

Variety, balance and detail are three components without which no Thai cuisine is complete. It is deemed to be the most fresh and clean of all cuisines with a spicy edge to it. Strong aromatic components are incorporated into the food that is prepared under this cuisine.



Thai food might seem simple but that is not the case at all. It boasts of the peaceful harmonization of five fundamental tastes: bitter, sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Being a tropical kingdom there is no dearth of natural ingredients. Various types of vegetables, fruits as well as seafood are available in abundance. In this cuisine the usage of fruits is done extensively, in sweet as well as savoury dishes.



Relationship between Cuisine and Tourism

For a layman to link a particular cuisine to that kingdom’s tourism might seem bizarre. In today’s time this is the concept that actually boosts the tourism sector of any country. Since the food of a country reflects the life of its residents, it has become an essential part of the various tourism packages. People while travelling not only want to see the country, but also taste it, to get that complete satisfaction.



Since Thai cuisine has been made popular worldwide, these days many tourism packages also involve special cooking classes for learning Thai cuisine. The growing popularity of the cuisine has inspired international chefs also to take Thai cooking classes. Such classes not only satiate the desires of people wanting to learn this amazing cuisine, but also gives ample boost to Thai tourism and as well as its economy.



‘Amazing Thai Taste project’ headed by Kalin, has opined that this particular project aims at promoting food and seasonal fruits, having distinct themes for each quarter. This will ensure that all the aspects of Thai cuisine get equal importance, resulting in a build-up of curiosity worldwide.



Travellers with curious taste buds will naturally throng to the kingdom, and further its tourism department. Each quarter shall highlight different angles of Thai cuisine, like, Tom Yam Kung (shrimp spicy soup) and Pad Thai, including rambutan, mangosteen, durian, lychee, santol, longkong and sala. Green curry, Massaman curry and some exotic fruits will also find an important place within the ambit of this campaign.



Future Hopes and Aspirations

This year, around 32 million tourists, including international tourists have been estimated to pay a visit to the Kingdom of Thailand. Studies over the past few years have shown that tourists spend a lot on gastronomy than anything else, thus serving as furtherance to tourism.



Hence, hotels and restaurants, airports as well as mass media has taken upon themselves the responsibility to promote Thai cuisine as much as possible and project it as one of the main attractions of Thailand tourism.



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