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Bay tourist growth registered with the help of Kiwis


The Bay of Plenty is a huge indentation in the north coast of New Zealand’s North Island and is a long stretch of 259 kms of coastline. In Maori, it is known as Te Moana-a-Toi which means the “Sea of Toi”.



English explorer James, in line with the abundant resources of the area, named it “The Bay of Plenty”. This is a popular tourist destination for New Zealanders and people from all over the world.



The Bay of Plenty is drawing the Kiwis from all over the country to this beautiful bay helping it achieve some robust tourist numbers. Apart from the Kiwis, the Chinese too are flocking here in droves, so to say, and numbers are increasing by the day.



Domestic Visitors numbers increased by 11% this year as compared to 6% last year, which is surely encouraging for the local tourism. The total number of domestic and international tourists grew to 425,000 and is expected to be more, considering the uncounted ones who stayed at private bed-n-breakfast places or with friends and family.



Let’s crunch a few tourism numbers!

Kristin Dunne, Head of Marketing, Bay of Plenty Tourism was pleased with the encouraging numbers, especially since these numbers could also be higher which is a positive sign, according to her,. Country-wise, China leads the tourist influx to New Zealand, increasing by 27%, followed by Korea at 21% and India tourists grew by 17%.



The Tourism Industry Association Chief Executive, Chris Roberts, is confident of the domestic tourism that is currently valued at $18.1 Billion as compared to the $11.8 billion International tourism. The contribution of the domestic traveller is often discounted even though the international tourism is making waves at the shores of New Zealand tourism.



The Chinese Impact:

Package tours or set tours are extremely popular with the Chinese as almost half of the tourist population used a group tour to visit the Bay and stayed for anything between one and four days. This trend too seems to be changing with the single and independent tourist becoming a part of the new generation of travellers. As per figures, as compared to the previous year 31% of the Chinese travellers are independent ones, which is up from 23% earlier.



According to official sources, the trend to visit off-the-track holiday destinations is catching up too and independent visiters are increasing in numbers. The Bay of Plenty tourism is targeting vacationers who will stay for a longer time rather than fly-in and fly-out quickly. Once in, the tourism officials want them to savour the beauty of the region and influence other tourists back home in their respective countries.



The local tourism is definitely aided by the age-old summer holiday tradition that every Kiwi follows religiously but the association was keen to promote their amazing holiday locations in the non-season months to give tourism figures a well-rounded look. Also Air travel to local destinations is not very popular as most groups prefer travelling by car to places that are not more than three hours by road.



The Bay of Plenty has so much to offer in terms of variety of locales and activities, making it one of the most popular locations for the international as well as the domestic traveller.



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