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Sharp growth expected in wine tourism


“Wine Tourism or Enotourism is a new form of tourism that promotes the tasting, consumption and/or purchase of wine and includes visiting vineyards, tasting vines, taking walks within vineyards.

Sometimes it also includes taking part in the actual harvest too. During this trip, tourists visit the site where the wine is actually being produced to see the actual process involved in producing wine and tasting it. The tour guides often provide the wine tourists with a glimpse into the history of that particular site and there could be a small guest-house or cottages attached to the winery for people interested in spending a night or two there.

Tremendous growth in Enotourism

The past decade or so has seen tremendous growth and interest in wine tourism and has given a boost to the sale of wine at the vineyards. Wineries have reported 33% of their total sales coming from the visitors to the vineyards. There is a lot of innovation and introduction of newer products and services related to this area and has generated substantial interest from the tourists. Wine Tourism is being packaged and marketed well but can surely do with some more innovative ideas to appeal to the local visitors as well as the outside world too.

There is always something to learn during these vineyard trips about behind-the-scene activities and thus develops a lot of curiosity about this little-known occupation.

The tourist population around the world is always interested in doing something different from the regular holidays and Wine Tourism offers this and more. Waking up on a wine farm, biking or horse-riding through the vineyards, tasting and sampling various wines and have a fabulous food experience as some of the highlights of a holiday of this kind. It is being promoted aggressively by the wine-producing countries like South Africa, US, India, Germany, Spain, France and Greece and is expected to show an uptrend in the coming years.

As Food and Drinks tourism has caught the fancy of tourists all over the world, Wine Tourism too is expected to pick-up pace and become an important part of the entire Food and drinks tourism. Visiting a country does not only include taking in the sights and famous landmarks, but also knowing about the local culture, people and their food and Wine tourism does this in an interesting way while sharing a glass of wine.

South Africa has a rich culture and tourists are curious to know about it just like they want to know about the wine farm’s history and generally understand the behind-the-scene goings on, which are great signs for an uptrend in wine tourism. It augurs well for the wine-making industry and the tourism of South Africa on the whole too.

South Africa has a great wine-producing infrastructure and a fascinating history attached to it as a country which is waiting to be told to the outside world. The vineyards are located closer to the cities which makes visiting it easy and convenient. There are some great restaurants and eating places attached to the vineyards and offers a complete experience to the visiting population. A great infrastructure that includes airports, transport facilities, developed cities and towns are all that South African tourism needs to push Wine Tourism to the next level.

 A well-designed marketing plan along with an implementation strategy will surely justify the growth that this industry truly deserves.



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