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Attractive Offers from Cuba at International Tourism Fair


International Reporter, BBNews I

Cuba is working hard towards improving and organising their tourism infrastructure, with a view of promoting the island as a suitable tourist hotspot. And it has targeted the Salon Mondial du Tourisme-International, the main fair that is to be hosted to promote tourism in France, as the stage.

There is a increasing interest among the Cuban government to develop Cuba as an appealing destination for tourists in the Caribbean thus establishing itself as a main attraction in that part of the world.

The fair is scheduled to be held between 17th march, 2016 to 20th march, 2016 as per official sources. It will be held at the Exhibition Hall, situated in Versailles, Paris.

The islands growing appeal as a tourist destination has resulted in the Cuban government taking note and thus leaving no stones unturned to promote itself. Government studies have shown that there is a 5% increase in tourism, with an added increase of flights and cruise ships, specially over the winter season. Investment has already taken place to develop the infrastructure of - Cruz Keys (northern part of the province of Camagüey), Paredón Grande (also known as Ciego de Ávila) and Ramón Peninsula (Holguín).

“French connection”

One of the main reasons of this French connection is that France is one of the main sources of tourism in the country. As per recent studies approximately 37,463 French tourists have visited Cuba, which is an increase of 38.6 percent when compared to 2015. Another reason being the recent commercial cooperation deal signed between the Airlines Cubana de Aviación and Air France to strengthen the air routes between the two nations.

 Thus this will be extremely beneficiary to the Cuban tourism department as this means an increased influx of French tourists as well as European tourists every year. The expansion also resulted in a direct flight connecting Havana and Paris, which will only make the connection stronger.



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