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“Oman” The best Arabian tourist destination


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At ITB Berlin, Oman won the “best Arabian Tourist Destination”, which is now a world’s leading travel trade show that was concluded recently in the German capital.

The representative of the Ministry of Tourism of Oman who is German Market based has also won third place in “marketing the country as tourism destination for German Market”.  The event highlighted the streamlining efforts of both the Ministry of tourism and the Ministry of MBRs towards their responsibility and progress of the department.

The award received by both the Ministers was given by the “Go Asia” Website. The award given was received by the Minister of Tourism Mr. Ahmed Bin Nasser al Mahrizi at the event held to facilitate the winners.

At the award function, Bin Nasser met different representatives of the GCC and Arab countries along with international tourism organizations. This took place at the ITB Berlin trade show, were there was different discussion been discussed on the opportunities for Oman along with the opportunities to spread knowledge and education to the different markets on the tourism industry in Sultanate.

Sultanate is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations that is emerging as one of the prime tourist destination around the world. Thus, The message was to encourage different tourism organizations to collaborate with the activity to promote Sultanate.

At the event, Bin Nasser met the President of Tourism committee for the German parliament Hake Brehme.  The delegates discussed the trends of growing popularity of German Tourists who visited Sultanate. Along with this, they also discussed sultana as a main tourist destination that are of the interests to the Tourists visiting Oman.  There is 11.2 per cent increase in the population of German tourists. That is the account comes to 66,044 tourists in the year 2015.

According to Samia Al Busaidi, one of the participant at the ITB Berlin from Muscat Nature Tour said that Berlin is one of the most successful and important trade shows because it brings opportunities to the participants to meet with the international representatives to put forth their views and ideas about tourism in Sultanate.

It has been 50 years now that ITB Berlin has been on the top charts as one of the largest International Trade shows in the world. There were 38 Omani organizations participated alongside over 10,000 participants from 180 countries who attended this year at the trade show. 


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