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The Changing Face of international tourism vis-à-vis Brand India


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International tourism is theoretically defined as the travel to a country outside of the tourist’s resident country. International tourism is on boom and many countries are luring tourists to enhance the share of foreign exchange through the tourism industries. The Visa norms coupled with many other offers are being launched. Dedicated tourism departments and websites are being supported by the policy makers and other responsible organizations to provide authentication information about the weather, geological facts, awareness, safety etc. are now become more relevant.


International Scenario


The Americas were obviously the best performing and popular region in relative terms with the growth of about 7%, introducing an additional of about 13 million international tourists and also raising the sum total to 181 million. The international tourist arrivals in continents like Asia and the Pacific have increased around 13 million to about 263 million. The best tourism performance had been recorded in the North-East of Asia and also the South Asia arrivals in especially in Oceania which grew by 6%, while the growth slowed down in the South-East of Asia as compared to the earlier years. Europe has been the most frequently visited region by the tourists with roughly over half of the world’s international tourists and therefore there is an increase of 22 million arrivals in the year 2014, which reached a total of around 588 million. Thanks to the tourism industry, which is now spearheading and become a major contributor to the economic the recovery of Europe? The Northern Europe and the Southern and the Mediterranean, Europe has a developmental growth, but the results were much more modest in the parts of Western Europe. The tourist arrivals in the Central and the Eastern Europe have stagnated after about three years of strong growth.


There is statistical data which is an important tool for the planners and also for the policy makers not only for planning or for policy formulation, but also to judge the progress of the schemes and evaluate their impact.


Indian Scenario


The Indian Government’s initiative to attract foreign tourists named as “Incredible India” is now starting showing positive results. Foreigners are not coming to India with the mindset of seeing rural India, but the “Digital India” having the largest population of tech savvy youths, energetic technocrats, modern infrastructure, international quality cheap products, handicrafts along with the scenic beauty of the Himalayan regions,  naturally green Kerala,  sizzling north east, pristine  beaches of Goa and Andaman and many more. With the advent of globalized picture and improving global reputation the trend of tourism in India has changed and developed a lot.  Nowadays, India is being visited by many travelers and thus the Department of Tourism has also developed a lot for enhancing the beauty of this incredible India. The highest numbers of tourists are from USA. Yes, there are some problems still exist, however the government vows to tackle them strategically correct policies. On the reverse, the international tourists from India are also increasing day by day, thanks to the rise of upper middle class and an improving economy.

The growth of the tourist has been round about 18 percent, the hotel rooms and the airline seats are very much hard to come by and are plenty yet in the offing. The year 2004 also witnessed some of the monumental aviation reforms and also the hospitality growth, which swelled on the back of a trilogy of the favorable budgets. Roughly speaking, in the last four years, the strongest growth has been officially registered in Asia. India is also expected to experience the growth rates like the double that of Europe and America. China is also poised to overtake the France by then with around 130 million tourist arrivals.


The challenge of Indian tourism


That status of celebration which is misplaced is not lost on the trade. India is expecting to receive round about nine million tourists in the year 2020, which is the same year that when China is also expecting to have 130 million tourists to visit the country. This huge disparity between these two neighboring countries are staggering, but the undertone of India’s inbound is to be found in a drastic change and also the emergence of a set of conditions in which the country can also highlight its strength. The famous travel magazine the Lonely Planet Guide has also mentioned that India as one the world’s third best location to visit or to travel. The international scribes are also brimming with the articles which are pertaining to be the sub-continent. The Tenth Plan has also devoted an entire chapter to the topic tourism, which can recognize its ‘vast employment generating potential’.

Days are not very far when, Indian tourism will surpass all bottlenecks and will be able to attract more tourists.


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